About Us

SpeedCraft is the culmination of years of fabrication work and a desire to supply enthusiasts with the items the require. All in a way they can afford, from people they can trust.

Our Commitment to You

 SpeedCraft works with you, to achieve affordable quality products and provide the solutions you are looking for, for any kind of project.

We can custom fabricate a complete exhaust system for your favorite ride or build a rollcage for the motorsport competitor.

SpeedCraft can provide the tools tools, performance and Race Gear for all your needs.

We custom design & fabricate products on site, using quality materials.

Our Values

The SpeedCraft Team are dedicated to providing a fast, affordable & friendly service to all of our clients. And the best quality products from the world’s best suppliers.

No matter how complex your request, no matter how big or small, every detail is taken care of, right from the estimation process through to the finished product.


SpeedCraft staff are also dedicated in the reclamation & recycling of all materials to help minimize waste.



Our Mission

SpeedCraft is a small business with the purpose of supplying products and services to the performance automotive and grass roots motorsport communities. As well as being able to support the most refined racer!

SpeedCraft also wants to support the growing culture around the automotive community, we activly support grass roots motorsport and automotive clubs.

We are racers, just like you!



35 Brookers Road

Shady Creek

VIC 3821

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